Saturday, October 18, 2008

Breakfast at Akasha - Culver City

As Nate's not quite sleeping through the night, we are almost always exhausted and particularly slow going most mornings. But somehow we gathered the energy to make it out of the house this morning for breakfast with Grandpa Stan at Akasha in Culver City.

We'd been to Akasha for dinner once pre-baby but this was our first breakfast. Only served on the weekends, breakfast at Akasha is a pretty calm scene. It's served only in the cafe/bakery section so we sat down at the big communal table, checked out the menu, and ordered at the counter. Thankfully, we were able to just park the stroller next to the table as there's plently of space in the bakery.

The food was good, not great. Max and I shared the bacon and tomato frittata which is served with toast and potatoes. It was fine and I appreciated that everything was organic, it just wasn't incredible. The counter staff were sweet and accommodating, though they seemed like they were still getting used to the morning routine (trying to find a knife to cut the coffee cake, not sure which frittata was which, etc.)

Akasha is indeed a beautiful restaurant so it was lovely to be there as the particularly bright morning light filtered in. Towards the end Nathan started to get fussy and cry a bit which is when I really noticed how quiet and serene it was. A few glances were thrown our way, but we just walked him outside for a moment to work out whatever was bothering him. We also received a couple "He's so cute!" comments from some fellow diners and a nice comment about my "Mama for Obama" pin so I didn't feel like everyone loathed our presence.

As we were leaving we got some chocolate coffee cake, a ginger cookie, and a mini-cupcake, all wonderful. Definitely the way to go for future breakfasts at Akasha.

9543 Culver Blvd, Culver City