Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fantasy Morning - Coffee and Doughnuts

Ok, here's my fantasy *: It's Sunday morning. We all wake up at 7:30am (this is already far-fetched), throw on some clothes, brush our teeth, and head down the hill towards Downtown. Still groggy, we arrive at the Lazy Ox Canteen where we're greeted as warmly as always.
There they are on the bar, luscious doughnuts just out of the fryer. Today's flavor is anyone's guess. Lemon, rosemary, and thyme? Orange blossom & vanilla bean? Simply perfect cinnamon sugar? We take two and they throw in a little doughnut hole for Tater.

Lucky for us, the Lazy Ox serves SF's Four Barrel coffee (they actually do!). As a decaf drinker, I so appreciate roasters like Four Barrel, who are producing decaf that's as yummy as its regular counterpart.

We get Tater settled into his highchair and give him his doughnut hole which keeps him busy for a half hour (ha!). Our doughnuts are heavenly, still warm, fluffy and perfect with our coffees. Tater is happy and content as we savor our doughnuts and coffee.

Will this fantasy come true? God, I hope so.

*Inspired by a recent morning at Oakland's Pizzaiolo, where their morning doughnuts sell out by 10am. Pizzaiolo's loud and bustling at night, but downright serene in the mornings. Coffee and doughnuts (just coffee and doughnuts - not a full breakfast) would be perfect at the Lazy Ox, but I'm sure would work at any number of places: Wurstkuche, Cole's, or....?