Sunday, April 3, 2011

The 1st LA Food Swap - A New Community

Last Sunday, a small group of Angelenos came together with our handcrafted preserves, herbs, tinctures, cookies, pastas, tomato sauces, cocktail mixers, and more with one mission: to trade our goods. Of course, after everything was said and done, something else emerged: a new community.

We circulated for a while in a mellow frenzy, checking out what everyone else had brought, chatting along the way. And then the swap began. I swapped my brown butter shortbread and lavender, oatmeal, brown sugar scrub for a bounty of treats:

- rosemary tincture
- herb salad
- garlic confit
- clementine margarita marmalade
- satsuma dust
- two lemon curds
- onion marmalade
- blueberry preserves
- strawberry rosemary jam
- rosemary bundle
- blood orange marmalade
- artichoke cheese biscuits
- brown butter muffins
- cherry pistachio cookies
- fig scones

We've continued the party on Twitter and will reconnect at the next LA Food Swap, happening on April 9th at the Good LA's Launch Weekend.

Big thanks to Emily Ho, who was inspired by other food swaps around the country and decided that LA needed one too.

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