Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tater and the Trash Guys

We've been waiting for this day for weeks. Garbage trucks, otherwise known as Tater's favorite thing in the world, up close and personal at the Annual Bureau of Sanitation's Open House. I suppose we should have known how scary those enormous trucks would be for him, but we just thought it was a no-brainer.

While Tater was thoroughly freaked out, wanting nothing to do with the trucks, we were having a great time. Now, you should know we have watched way too many garbage truck videos on You Tube so we know our Heil DuraPack Pythons from the Heil DuraPack 7000's. Still, I must admit it was interesting to learn about the current fleet of local trucks.
I'm not sure what the Bureau of Sanitation is doing right, but everyone at the Open House was professional, friendly, and eager to tell us about their trucks and various programs. Really, this event was managed better than many weddings I've attended. Who knew the BOS was so on top of it? Free burgers, dogs, snacks, and drinks and the most charming group of high schoolers guiding visitors around the yard.
Above is Herbert, another friendly BOS staffer, who gave us kitchen oil disposal basics.

A DJ spun old R&B while we strolled around, learning about the recycling program, the best way to dispose of oil, how to compost, and other interesting tidbits. We saw their official electric Mini and learned how the fleet is transitioning to all natural gas trucks.
But the highlight of the event had to be the little recycling can they gave out to "winners" of the recycling game. It's Tater's new lovie.

Way to go, BOS!