Friday, August 29, 2008

Reservation for Three - Me, You, and Baby

Our lives changed in countless ways when Tater was born back at the end of May. In addition to sleepless nights, non-stop diaper changes, and every other facet of new parenthood, the way we ate changed dramatically. Our home became "The Land of Cold Dinners" since Tater had an uncanny ability to wake up and cry the moment we sat down to eat.

And eating out? An ever-evolving adventure as Tater continues to change. Back in June, we could eat anywhere, enjoy leisurely meals as he peacefully slept hour after hour. Now that he's almost three months old, our meals have become slightly less peaceful. It's a gamble now. Sometimes he's asleep, dead to the world and we get "what a good baby!" compliments from other diners. Other times though, he is fussy throughout our whole meal, which means we take turns holding him while we quickly finish our meals.

Reservation for Three is going to be a place for me to jot down and share our experiences at LA's restaurants with baby in tow. In addition to general reviews of new and existing places in LA, I'll cover all of those newly desirable restaurant elements:

- Is it loud? Or, if Tater starts screaming will other diners hear him?
- Are babies welcomed? Accommodated? Accepted? Merely tolerated?
- How does the stroller or car seat fit in the available seating arrangement?
- How is breastfeeding handled?
- Did the staff adequately fawn over Tater? Ok, this isn't essential, but always appreciated!
- As he starts eating real food we'll be interested to know how restaurants handle baby/toddler requests.

My hope is that Reservation for Three will be a resource for other parents who are unwilling to stop dining out just because there's a baby in the picture. Join us as we experience LA's dining landscape as a party of three!

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