Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little Tokyo Lunch Loop - Spitz and Yogurtland

The triangle at Central and Second in Little Tokyo has been our go-to spot for a few weeks now as quick and easy are now seriously attractive restaurant attributes. After a quickie drive through Elysian Park, Tater and I head down Alameda to 2nd, park in the Staples lot and unload the stroller.

Steps away from the lot is Spitz, an Eagle Rock favorite now open in downtown. I love the original chicken doner kabab wrapped in lavash and also the doner salad. Both feature Spitz's signature flavors: spicy pepperoncinis, tender chicken (though I've been liking the veggie version lately), bell peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, feta, olives, some sort of hot sauce, and tzatziki.

We've gone to Spitz for years now, but their new location seems closer and more comfy. It's bigger so the stroller can easily fit and there's much more seating inside so we can avoid the smokers. And who doesn't love booths? Usually Tater sleeps throughout the meal, but if he wakes up and starts crying, no one seems to care.

Just noticed that Eater LA mentioned Spitz in a review yesterday. See here for the write-up.
After Spitz, we stroll over to Yogurtland, home to my new addiction: self-serve frozen yogurt. Seriously, why in the world does anyone go to Pinkberry when Yogurtland, Dolci Mango and others exist? What now serves as my creative outlet (I know, so sad!), I grab a cup, and choose from 15 flavors and over 20 toppings. It's always cheaper than a Pinkberry visit and so much more satisfying. This week they introduced their holiday flavors: gingerbread, peppermint stick, and something else I'm forgetting.

Tater wanted lunch as I was eating my yogurt so I proceeded to feed him. When I got some weird looks from the young guy working at the time, my love affair with Yogurtland dipped a bit. Being able to feed my little guy whenever and wherever he wants is important to me and I almost never sense anything but support from restaurants so when I feel uncomfortable, I take note.

371 East 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 613-0101

130 S Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 687-0733

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