Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Bonnie Brae Fresh OJ Cart

I work 4 miles from home, a trip usually taking around 15 minutes and I know that makes me one lucky Angeleno. Road work on Alvarado has made my route increasingly congested though, so I've started taking Bonnie Brae.

Oh, my love for Bonnie Brae has no bounds. Running parallel to Alvarado, it's a traffic-free secret route to Wilshire from Sunset. I usually pass moms strolling with babies, kids on their way to school, and folks waiting for the bus.

But this morning, just before I turned onto Wilshire, I spotted this shopping cart, loaded up with a portable fresh orange juice operation. It was quite lovely, each cup filled to the brim with bright orange oj, a sharp contrast to the grittiness of the neighborhood. I'm no juicing expert, but her juicer looked pretty impressive as well.

With no one behind me, I jumped out, and asked the older woman running the cart if I could take a picture. I think she thought I was going to bust her for her illegal juice bar, but I assured her that I just liked her cart.
I forgot to ask how much the juice was, but I can't imagine it was more than a buck or two. Next time, I'm buying some for the office.

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TaraMetBlog said...

nice looks much better than the minute maid juice at my office :(