Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Dinner: Wurstkuche

Not sure what we were thinking, but after my brittle man's day at the Melrose Place Farmers' Market and Tater and my day in Santa Monica, we just wanted a no-cook night. So off we went to Wurstkuche. Tater's current bedtime is usually around 6:30pm, so if we have dinner out, we're with the early birders at 5pm or even earlier. Not tonight! We were living like gypsies, as my Mom says, leaving the house at 6:30pm.

Man, Wurstkuche gets crazy busy at night. The room was completely full when we got there, but luckily I spotted a lone table in a corner. The Wurstkuche guy kindly moved it over to a little space against the wall and thankfully the portable high chair fit on the table.
Ok, so by the time we got our food it was around 7:15, now way past Tater's bedtime and the poor little guy was on the edge. As always, we quickly ate our sausages while supplying him with cheerios, barley biscuits, napkins (he likes to rip them up into tiny pieces - yes, bussers hate us), his sippy cup, and little pieces of bun. Wurstkuche was quite loud, so Tater's brief outbursts were completely drowned out by the noise.
The sausages were awesome. We split the duck/bacon, sundried tomato/mozzarella and a small fries. After a string of so-so sausages (why did I even bother with the vegan dog??), I turned a corner and started ordering the right sausages, thanks to Twitter buds, Joshua Lurie (Food GPS) and Sam Kim (LAist). Thanks again, guys! We're huge fans of the near-perfect fries, which have to be some of the best in LA.
Tater was near delirious by the time we got home, falling asleep as soon as we finished Goodnight Moon.

800 E 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90013


SinoSoul said...

awww.. soo cute! grouchy nappy time!

so I went to visit Daily Gluttony last nite, and she was putting her babe to bed just at 8pm. I guess she's really lucky?

Love Wurstkuche, but I've realized I like the standard brats/hot links more than the exotics...

see you Wed!

Food GPS said...

Glad you had a good Wurstkuche experience. Those sausages and fries are great.

Susan said...

Food GPS: I'm glad too, I knew there must be some reason they had such a strong following. Thanks for pointing me to the good stuff!

SS: Thanks, he is adorable, even in his grouchiest moments. Interested to know which sausages you like at Wurstkuche. There are so many, I'm often overwhelmed, esp since I ordered so poorly the first few times.

Here we come, Blogger Prom!

Nanciful said...

Tater is adorable! It's so cool that you guys bring him out everywhere, I love that!

I've only been to Wurstkuche once and I work only a couple miles away! I love the duck sausage and their heifs on tap. YUM!

Daily Gluttony said...

foodie playdate at wurtskutche!!! :D

i have yet to try this place (bad foodie) looks like i'm for sure going to have to try it soon!

tater is SO cute. goodnight moon is our bedtime book of choice too. let me can recite the whole book by heart, right? :)