Monday, August 30, 2010

Echo Park's New Greengrocer: Cookbook

Cookbook is the corner store Echo Park has been waiting for and it's finally opening up tomorrow. We had a chance to take a sneak peek during tonight's friends and family night, where Echo Park locals, Marta Teegan and Robert Stelzner(below), opened up their beautiful space to share what they've created.

It's a small shop, and you can tell that they thoughtfully edited the store's offerings. Craving ice cream? Only one brand to choose from, but it's cult favorite Dr. Bob's in several luscious flavors. They've worked hard to bring some of the best from the Farmers' Market scene: Weiser's padron peppers, McGrath's haricot verts, Givens' carrots, Kenter Canyon herbs, plus heirlooms, avocados, late summer fruit, and more. Motivating to get to the Sunday market just got a bit harder.

Aside from the lovely selection of organic produce (at reasonable prices, by the way), Cookbook is the gourmet marketplace I honestly never thought I'd see in Echo Park. I need a few more visits to take everything in but some of the items I spotted included: Fermin Jamon Iberico, Sightglass Coffee (ex-Blue Bottle & Four Barrel guys), Cafe Fanny granola, Rustic Bakery sweets, Morning Glory Confections' artisan brittles (disclosure: my husband)and Strauss Family Creamery dairy.

In addition to organic produce, gourmet finds and staples, Cookbook will also offer an ever-changing array of prepared foods, a blessing for the neighborhood's busy parents. Recipes will come from Heirloom L.A., Marta's archives, and the week's featured cookbook. Tonight's dishes included a fatoush salad with cauliflower and eggplant, gazpacho, roasted asparagus and potatoes, a fava bean & pea tendril salad, pesto gnocchi and grilled corn. We devoured every bite and, more importantly, my two-year-old loved it all. That's him with some corn.

Oh, and there's a huge selection of Heirloom L.A.'s lasagna cupcakes, pasta sauces, lasagnas, and fresh pastas.

On our walk back up the hill, we imagined all of the times we'll head to Cookbook: When we're too tired to cook, if we just need a bottle of milk or some herbs for a recipe, if we skip the farmers' market but need some veggies for the week, when we're in need of a hostess gift, or if we just need to indulge in some Dr. Bob's.

1549 Echo Park Avenue
LA, 90026
Open daily, 8am-8pm


bagnatic said...

wow, this place sounds awesome! i will have to check it out.

Kelly said...

And here I was wondering what I'd be cooking for dinner tonight! Can't wait to drop in tonight when I get off work!

Tricerapops said...

awesome. another spot to get to. and that pic of Tater is unbelievably cute.

Daily Gluttony said...

oh my goodness, that tater...i just wanna pinch his cheeks!

i wish we had something like this in my hood. i'd be there all the time!

Susan said...

Bagnatic: You must, it's great.

Kelly: Hope you liked it as much as we did!

Tricerapops: Totally, and thanks.

Daily Gluttony: I'll pinch them for you! Cookbook really is the best thing that's happened to EP in a while.

R.E.~ said...

I passed by yesterday, but didn't stop. I wasn't sure how t was, but thanks for sharing. I have to stop by soon, it sounds like the market that many, including me would love to have in their neighborhood.

Great shots! Your baby is adorable!


Steve said...

Tater is adorable. Sight Glass coffee is really good.