Monday, February 16, 2009

Fran's Caramels - My Sweetie Knows the Way to My Heart

Ok, so I've been just the slightest bit obsessed with all things Obama lately and I know I'm not alone because of the difficulty in finding some of his favorite things: Honest Tea's Black Forest Berry and Fran's caramels.

I finally spotted the Honest Tea at our local Whole Foods and it is indeed yummy, though way too sweet for me. But no such luck with the caramels.

Leave it to my sweetie to draw my obsessive search (I was making excuses to go to Whole Foods just to see if maybe they'd have it this time) to a close by ordering a box for Valentine's Day. And even better, he went with a box with both Barack and Michelle's favorites: milk chocolate with smoked sea salt for him, dark chocolate with grey salt for her.

If I didn't adore the Obamas before, this sealed the deal. The caramels are buttery and silky, salty and sweet, excellent.

Though he's up to his ears in brittle and baby, he's still the most thoughtful honey around.

Fran's Chocolates, Ltd.

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