Friday, February 6, 2009

Mother's LIttle Helper - Cake Monkey

I think we can safely say I'm addicted to Cake Monkey's irresistible snack cakes and cookies. While my comfort food cravings usually involve something salty and fried, lately I just cannot get enough of baked goods.

If we're on the Westside near the stroller store, we like Clementine, Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock, Lark in Silver Lake, and Delilah's in EP. Adore the chocolate babka at Diamond's, which freezes beautifully by the way. All are favorites we (really just I) frequent way too often.

Recently, however, I cannot get Cake Monkey out of my head. Perhaps it's the deceivingly simple packaging, a foil wrapping for the cakewiches, reminiscent of Ding Dongs. Or maybe it's the sense that I'm eating the most amazing snack cake from childhood, evoking memories of grandparents long gone. Perhaps it's knowing that as much as I love to bake, there's no way I could ever create such wonders.

When it comes down to it, Elizabeth Belkind is just an incredible baker who uses only the finest ingredients and makes everything with a commitment to perfection. And every bite is really, really good.

I believe you can only find Cake Monkey in a few spots around town (a Cake Monkey storefront is on the horizon) but one of them, lucky for me, is Silver Lake Wine. I never know what Cake Monkey goodies will be there. Last time they had their 'Nuff Said cookies (chocolate crumble cookies with housemade marshmallow, dark chocolate, pecans, caramel and sea salt) and mini-oatmeal cookies. Time before that I think they had a few different flavors of their cakewiches and oatmeal cream pies. I love that there's always that suspense of not knowing what will be there or if, heaven forbid, they're sold out. It also feels slightly subversive making a special trip to the wine store just for a cookie.

Unfortunately, I've never had their little layer cakes, so I can only imagine how wonderful they are. But Tater's first birthday is coming up in May and I think "The Classic" with yellow velvet layer cake and milk chocolate frosting will be a perfect first cake experience for him and a good excuse for us to eat more Cake Monkey!

Cake Monkey Bakery
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