Saturday, February 28, 2009

The NYT's Frugal Traveler in Venice With Baby Tow

Just in case you missed it, in yesterday's NYT's the Frugal Traveler detailed the Venice trip he took with his wife and six-week old daughter. Wow, Venice in winter, brilliant! Chilly, yes, but no crowds or hot weather and how did we not know Italians adored babies so much?

It seems crazy to travel with a newborn, but now that our guy is nine months old, we see the wisdom. In those first weeks and months, they're predictable little creatures who sleep an awful lot. Now that he's nine months old, he's all over the place, crawling, babbling, playing, etc. While I can't imagine he's going to mellow out any time soon, life (which, in our world, includes traveling and dining in restaurants) does not stop so we'll learn to travel with him just as we've learned how to dine out with him.

We have trips to Chicago (Tater's first time on a plane!) and Cape Cod (and maybe Paris in 2010!) planned so we're stocking up on helpful hints from traveling families all over the web. If you have any wisdom to impart or any suggestions, do post a comment or email me directly.

Scenes from our 2007 trip to Cape Cod, Boston, and New York.

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Susan C said...

Just discovered your blog and found the photo of Mr. Softee. Is he still around? I grew up with him in the 60's in WV. Now I can't get that awful tune out of my head.