Saturday, April 4, 2009

Winner of Cupcake Challenge - Polkatots in Pasadena

While I agreed that $40 was just too much to spend for an afternoon devoted to mini-cupcakes, that doesn't mean I wasn't sad to miss last Sunday's cupcake challenge at the Roosevelt Hotel. Thankfully, the LA Times' Elina Shatkin was twittering from the event and then posted a zillion pictures on the Daily Dish, but I was still bitter. So when the winners were announced, I had to hurry over to try Polkatots shop to try their Dulce de Leche cupcake which won best original and best overall.
The two owners had just found out that morning and were understandably thrilled. Cute, little shop tucked away in a mini-mall on Lake north of the 210. I picked out a bunch of minis and a large Dulce de Leche and had to devour one as soon as we got to the car. While the flavor and texture of each cupcake was spot on, I made a discovery: I hate coarse sugar on cupcakes and all of theirs had a generous amount sprinked on top. But aren't they just the prettiest little guys?

For any upcoming cupcake cravings, I'll stick with Delilah's chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes with orange Jack Daniels frosting which I can get on a five minute walk from home.

720 North Lake Avenue
Pasadena, 91104

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mattatouille said...

I live closeby, so I'll need to check this place out. Thanks for the review!