Sunday, April 12, 2009

And The Scary Chinese Restaurant in Silver Lake is now.....

David - The Restaurant on Sunset!

A little background: I lived a stone's throw away from the Sunset/Silver Lake intersection for years and for the whole time, LA Chinese Restaurant was technically a functioning restaurant, though I'm certain I never saw anyone inside. In fact, it was so scary that Eating LA included it in her "Scariest Restaurant" contest a few months back. (This Losanjealous review (and photo below) is a hilarious must-read, seriously lol funny)

For some time now, LA Chinese Restaurant has been shuttered and appeared to be going through some sort of renovation. I seem to recall a few chowhound posts wondering just what was going in but it seemed like one big mystery. Noticing an open door on a drive-by last week, I stopped by and chatted with two of the guys working inside. They kindly gave me the owner's phone number and after a quick phone call with owner David Sutton, the mystery is solved!

Sutton, who's had his own catering company for 5 years and has been in the restaurant business for 40, is planning a fusion/comfort food hybrid for David - The Restaurant on Sunset. Opening for breakfast and lunch at first, the menu will most likely include homemade breads and muffins, oatmeal brulee, salads & sandwiches, Vietnamese garlic noodles, Korean BBQ (is Korean BBQ going to be the next "ahi tower" that every restaurant puts on the menu?).

Other ideas he's considering include Hawaiian shaved ice with homemade syrups and a stuffed hamburger. He plans to change the menu every two weeks and is hoping to open somewhere around June/July.

Sutton imagines David to be a dog- and baby-friendly restaurant that will have reasonable price points (unlike some recent Silver Lake openings) and a welcoming, neighborhood vibe. Still many unknowns, but it will most certainly be less scary than its previous occupant.

David - The Restaurant on Sunset
2852 1/2 W Sunset Blvd, 90026


mattatouille said...

I really hope that Korean BBQ does not became the ahi tuna (insert anything) here because Korean food is so much more than BBQ. In fact, it's not even often consumed in Korea b/c beef is expensive there. But nice catch with this restaurant's future. Nice casual joints in the area are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another SL/EP drifting directionless restaurant with no solid concept just the usual shotgun approach. Why can't just one really good neighborhood place open around here. Its amateur hour from Beaudry to Hillhurst. I'm no a fan of SF but even in the most run down area there has great restaurants.I wish them luck and hope I am wrong but really what's up with my hood and food?

Anonymous said...

dog's say no.
Fine for the park but not when I go to eat.

Anonymous said...

That concept sounds TERRIBLE. What an idiot! Oatmeal Brulee and Korean BBQ? Shaved ice and stuffed hamburgers? Do the math dude, name 5 restaurants that have been in business for more than 20 years. Look at their menu. It is not concept, fusion, hybrid or anything else. It is sticking to a simple concept and delivering every time.

If he has been in the business for "40 years" and all he has to show for it is taking over the worst and cheapest restaurant in Los Angeles, then he obviously should have tried a different career path...